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There are lots of things that don’t always go according to plan when you travel abroad. This can cause a lot of problems for you, and a lot of stress. Your luggage can get lost, you can lose your passport, or you can miss your flight.

About Travel Insurances In Ireland

Travel insurance protects you against financial loss when you travel. Losses can be small, such as a late-arriving suitcase. But they can also be large, such as emergency medical costs. Thus, holiday insurance gives you peace of mind on trips. If something goes wrong while travelling, you’re covered. With coronavirus on the loose, that’s a good thing.

Before you go, you pay a one-off fee (unless you choose annual multi trip). The insurer then agrees to reimburse you if you incur a cost.

Whether you get paid a benefit depends on the terms in your policy. Insurance firms payout under some circumstances, but not all. Checking the policy wording carefully, therefore, is vital.

Sometimes you have to cancel your trip. Without trip insurance, you will lose money. With it, though, you can usually recoup all your single trip prepaid costs.

Single trip travel insurance covers a host of things that could go wrong on vacation. These include:

  • Possessions. Policies underwrite lost and stolen luggage, important documents, or insured cash (up to a limit).
  • Medical treatment. Policies cover emergency assistance and medical cover. It is, therefore, a kind of health insurance policy. You must, however, declare pre-existing medical conditions. If you don’t, you may void your policy and not receive medical fee reimbursement. Sometimes private health insurance and private medical insurance will cover medical expenses overseas. EHIC does not provide as much protection.
  • Holiday disruptions and cancellation cover. These might include cancelled flights and accommodation.
  • Legal costs. Legal costs could include paying personal liability.
  • Curtailment. Cover if your holiday is cut short.
  • Personal accident cover
  • Repatriation

Single trip holiday insurance doesn’t cover everything. You might not get insured for:

  • Adventurous activities, like shark cage diving, skiing off-piste, winter sports
  • Expensive items, like winter sports and music equipment
  • Injuries from work-related activities on holiday
  • Undeclared pre-existing illness
  • Backpacker travel insurance

Getting discount cheap travel insurance is easy. Just hop onto our price comparison site and check travel insurance quotes for yourself. Search annual multi trip and more!

Remember, the cheap travel insurance option isn’t always the most cost-effective. You may need travel features you can’t get on discount entry-level insurance policies, like multi trip. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you may need a medical benefit as part of your policy document. If you’re going skiing, you might need to pay an extra winter sports fee.

Reducing costs is easy. Here’s what to do:

  • Only choose policies that provide the cover you need. Don’t take out policies with features that won’t benefit you. If your private health insurance covers you travelling abroad, you don’t need this on your travel insurance policy. If you don’t need baggage cover, leave it.
  • Always compare multiple packages. Don’t just go with the first one you find.
  • Check if you need cancellation coverage for your trip. This feature is the biggest contributor to the premium. If you are a backpacker, skip it.
  • Get multi-trip travel insurance. Annual travel insurance is cheaper than paying for single trip travel insurance. Thus, getting an annual multi trip policy is better than single trip insurance for regular flyers. A multi trip policy is a cheap travel insurance option because it spreads the cost.
  • Choose medical-only health insurance if you don’t have any prepaid expenses. Travel medical expenses can be high.

Travel insurance companies offering multitrip and single trip policies are:

  • Allianz
  • AIG
  • AXA
  • Aviva
  • InsureandGo
  • Vhi

It sounds like a cliche, but the best provider is the one that meets your needs as a traveller. Regulations are strong in this sector. Insurance companies have to pass strict tests. Most companies, therefore, offer a high-quality service. The one you choose comes down to personal choice.

Just as with providers, there is no single best travel insurance policy in Ireland. You need a package that covers the risks of your trip at a price you can afford. Fortunately, as a regular traveller, insurance is fairly cheap.

Still searching for a policy? Our website makes it easy for you to find the deal that’s right for you, whether it is single or multi trip. Just enter your details to get insurance quotes fast.

Most people find that their travel insurance goes up every year. This rise happens for two reasons: age and holiday cost inflation.

Older people pay more for a travel insurance policy because of increased medical risks. They are more likely to get sick while on trips and need medical cover.

Trip costs are also going up with inflation. Hotels, food, baggage handling and flights regularly put their prices up. Your travel insurance policy premium must cover the increase.

Claiming travel insurance is easy. Here’s what to do:

  • Prepare all the documents you need to make a claim.
  • Call your travel insurer. Tell them what went wrong with your trip.
  • Fill in the claim form. You can ask the insurance company to send this to you in the post. Some are available online.
  • Supply all supporting documents. Include details like your airfare and travel company receipts.
  • Make your insurance application within the allotted time frame.

Most people wait until they return home after a holiday before calling customer service. This allows them to collect all the materials they need.

You can, but it is not advisable. Most people book their flight and insurance for travel at the same time.

It is advisable that you purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your vacation. This is because you may have to cancel your trip before you even leave if something happens. For example, if you get fired after you book, if you get injured or too sick to travel or if you are forced to cancel due to grief. If any of these situations occur, your insurer may cover some or all of the vacation costs for you.

Travel is a risky business. You never know what might go wrong. Your airline could go out of business. You could fall ill while abroad as a backpacker. You could face the cancellation of a cruise. Or you could lose travel essentials, like passports.

Thus, travel insurance gives you peace of mind in return for a small fee.

Usually, you can’t get free travel insurance. Instead, you must pay a fee in advance of your trip.