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There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with any gadget, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop computer. For something the size of a smartphone, one of the easiest ways to see it being broken is being careless or letting it fall out of a pocket.

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Gadget insurance allows you to protect one or more devices. Examples include your smartphone, tablet, and laptop computer. So, what happens if your gadgets break due to accidental damage? Or they become lost or stolen? The answer: your insurer will pay for a repair or replacement.

In general, the items that a policy would cover include:

  • Smartphones like the Apple iPhone handset and Samsung Galaxy;
  • Tablets, including the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Other gadgets that can get insured include:

  • Digital and SLR cameras;
  • Sat Nav devices.

Your policy can cover one gadget or more. Most policies have a 'single item' limit.

For example, let's say your iPhone 11 is worth £600. For limits of £1,000 per gadget, the insurer will repair or replace your iPhone.

Some policies even come with a benefit like gadgets sent by courier.

Many gadget insurance firms let you tweak your policies. Doing so lets you have the right cover for your needs. To that end, be sure to compare quotes at for the best deal.

The best way to get the cheapest quote is by searching via this website. All you need to do is specify the level of cover you need. We'll take care of the rest for you by seeking out the best deals. It's that simple.

We work with all the major insurance firms in Ireland. You can insure your items with gadget cover firms like AXA, AIG, and Blue Insurance.

We've teamed up with many leading insurers. The best firm is the one that meets your needs. Many insurance companies will cover your gadgets. But, you must select the one that offers the right policy you need. That way, your valuable items have theft & accidental damage protection.

Everyone has their insurance policy needs. With that in mind, there's no 'one size fits all' insurance policy out there. When looking at policies, you must select one that covers all your needs. That way, the odds of successful claims will be high.

Most people own at least one gadget. It doesn't matter if you own a cheap e-reader or laptop. Or a new mobile phone like the latest Apple iPhone smartphone. What would you do if someone tried to steal your gadgets? And what if you spilt water on your device by mistake, causing liquid damage?

The monthly premium cost of insurance is small compared to buying a new mobile phone handset. Or even a new tablet! That's why having the right mobile phone insurance or gadgets coverage is worth the premium price. Even when it comes to minor liquid damage!

The great thing about gadget insurance is the premium won't go up each year. In contrast to other insurance, the cost won't be linked to a past claim. When you change the provider, you don't need to mention any claim.

There is an exception, though. An existing firm might raise the renewal premium. That's because of any past claim you've made with them. But, you can change insurers and get a better deal elsewhere.

When you insure your gadgets, they get covered around the world. You'll be happy to know that loss cover applies overseas. Your iPhone insurance and other gadgets get covered everywhere. Some insurers may apply a three-month period limit for overseas claims.

Insurers have varying claim procedures. You can find your claim procedures in your policy document.

The first thing you must do is contact the Gardai. If someone decided to steal your device, you need to report the incident. The same applies if you lost your device while you were in a public place.

Next, you must contact your insurance company and make a claim. They will ask you for details about the incident. Plus, if someone did thieve your device, they'll want a crime number. Of course, if you find your item, you can cancel the claims procedure.

You'll have to fill in some claim forms and pay an excess. The excess you pay may differ depending on the claim type. Once your claim gets approved, they will send out your replacement device.