Liberty Insurance is part of the Boston based Liberty Mutual Holding Company (LMHC) based in Ireland, the head of the Liberty Mutual Insurance family and they are a provider of home and car insurance policies. Liberty has managed to navigate the current times well. During the coronavirus pandemic and this challenging time, this insurance company has continued to work and provide insurance for their policyholders in Ireland.

Liberty Insurance is an online insurance company provider of car and home insurance. You will find many deals online that can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Liberty Insurance also pride themselves on offering excellent customer services. They offer a range of different policies that can also include bike and commercial cover, which makes them the ideal choice if wanting an insurance provider in Ireland. Over 270,000 Irish people trust them and use them for their insurance needs. They are part of the Liberty Mutual Holding Company, and began operating back in 2011. They merged with their parent company back at the beginning of 2019. They look into Liberty Speciality markets and are an insurance company that can also provide a discount when it comes to no claims and claim that you need to make, and also have a team of underwriters willing to take the insurance the customer has requested on a case by case basis to provide the best possible quote.

The cost of your home insurance products depends entirely on what you require to be covered for your property in Ireland, and generally speaking the customer will need to provide information such as your house type, what it is made out of, and even things like how many bedrooms and people who live in the property. You will also need to factor in the contents inside and ensure that you cover yourselves for a realistic amount to cover any future potential claim. Often when people are getting contents insurance quotations they forget to work out that if contents need replacing, then it is also the cost of things like sofas, carpets and soft furnishings, etc, as well as the gadgets and more expensive items that will be on your radar. The home insurance policies that are offered by Liberty Insurance and the Liberty Mutual Group include things such as:

  • Emergency home repair
  • Emergency home repair 24 hour telephone service
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Fire brigade charges
  • New for old contents cover
  • Title deeds cover

There are also other benefits that are specific to just building insurance cover and contents insurance cover and you can find more information about that on their website.

Using the company website to obtain your insurance and gain cover is simple and easy to do. The online questions are self-explanatory and precise, helping you to find the right sort of cover and ensure that you are inputting the correct details. Once you have inputted all of the details you will be able to revive your quote and review the details to ensure that all is correct. Once you have done that, you could choose to pay for your insurance on an annual basis or monthly via direct debit. Annual costs tend to be a little cheaper as there is a slight interest charge for monthly direct debit at nets. There is an option online that can allow you to pay for your insurance via your online account if needed and even make a claim if needed. To pay for it online, you simply need your policy number and a few details from your policy to proceed. they can also cover commercial insurance needs should you need that.

As a customer via the online system you can do a number of things, and you may get to the stage where your home or car insurance policy is up for renewal. Often we will have contacted you a little before the spicy date with a policy update, reinsurance and a new price, and in some cases you may want to discuss this to ensure that all the details are still correct. You may need to take into account things such as new drivers on your car insurance policy, or things like additional contents if you have made any purchases over the year. Online you will be able to retrieve your quote and provide any updated information for the cost of liability so it can be calculated and finalised. You may also need to supply information such as your current employer and former employer if needed. You can then pay for your insurance online with an annual cost or monthly, depending on what you wish to do. The online system is very easy to use and simple to follow, so updating your policy and providing rebate and attaching premium rebates will be quick and painless. When it comes to renewing and paying for your policy online, you just need the policy number and a few details from the policy itself to proceed. The insurance company will email your documents to you.

Liberty Insurance Ireland offers motor insurance policies and they take all into account when it comes to the Irish Market. As an employee you may get benefits of this already. Car and motor insurance policies are based on a number of different factors and so you may want to ensure that you get all of the details right before trying to obtain a quotation. Most motor insurance customers will know what details are needed. For your car, these include things such as car registration, the make and model, and how much mileage it has done and the value of it currently. You may also need to provide information on any restriction in place, the type of driving you do, such as social and domestic or whether it is used for work. Further to that, Liberty Insurance will need to know who are named drivers, real world circumstances, the address in which it will be kept and registered and also things like where it is parked during the day and night. Last of all, security options on the car will need to be provided, such as whether it has a manufacturer fitted alarm or immobiliser, for example. Your quote will be generated for the year on all of the information provided and as a casualty insurer, they will check the details to ensure you get the right price and premium.

If you are wanting to know exactly how good Liberty Insurance is then you just need to check out the online reviews to see. Irish customers have said things such as ‘great customer service’ ‘Best value for money’ and ‘very competitive deals’. It is proven that the insurance company takes customer service as a priority and a benefit, and provides surety in all legal circumstances and non-life urgent matters when it comes to dealing with the policyholder and tries to provide the best possible service and premium they can. They also take into account all RSA/RTE/SME requirements so that you know that you are covered.

Liberty Insurance also offers motorcycle insurance and this can be extremely competitive and a benefit to their clients. Again the cost of the policy will depend on the details provided such as age of bike, the make and model as well as security elements that need to be considered. Liberty insurance is extremely competitive with what they offer.

Liberty Insurance is an insurance company and brokers that has a trust pilot rating of five stars. This gives confidence and assurance to the policyholders old and new. Even with covid-19 restrictions you can trust that the Liberty Mutual Insurance group has you covered.