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Owning a pet is very expensive, so it makes sense to have cover for it. A pet insurance policy will cover the bills that you’ll face if your pet gets injured or becomes ill. It will also cover you if you get sick and have to spend time in hospital.

About Pet Insurances In Ireland

All Irish insurance providers are different. The best insurer, therefore, is the one that meets your needs.

When it comes to underwriting and add-ons, services vary. Some offer lower excess while others focus on providing a discount. You can also get multi-pet policies which protect all your furry friends.

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Pet insurance veterinary fees rise every year in line with inflation. How much it goes up, however, is hard to predict.

Here are some of the factors that affect your premium quote:

  • The cost of treatment. Vet treatment improves all the time. When new technology becomes available, it can make care prices go up.
  • Location. Living in a city ups the cost of pet insurance. The risk of injury is higher.
  • History. If you made an application for money in the past, you may pay more.
  • Age. Older pets are at higher risk of illness as their condition deteriorates. A dog over the age of 7, for example, is at high risk. Insurance fees, therefore, go up.
  • Microchipping. Not getting your pet microchipped could push up bills.
  • Breed. Owning a high-risk dog breed will increase your quote. For cheaper bills, avoid buying a thoroughbred dog.

Pet insurance works differently from some other forms of insurance. The insurance company doesn’t pay your bills upfront. Instead, you pay and then get reimbursed.

Making a claim is different for each company. Common steps include:

  • Call customer service. The number can be found in your policy document
  • Complete the insurance claim form. You must complete one section and your vet the other.
  • Gather all pet paperwork
  • Send the form and paperwork to your insurer
  • Pay the excess

There may be a time limit on applying for insurance, such as 30 days from your visit to the vet. Always start the process earlier rather than later.

Typically, pet owners can get insurance money for:

  • Vet bills
  • Pet death benefit
  • Injury to your pet
  • Loss of pet due to straying
  • Illness
  • Public liability and third-party liability (if your dog bites somebody)
  • Check-ups on their condition
  • Worming
  • Cattery, kennel, and boarding fees
  • Accidental damage benefit

You need insurance in case your pet gets sick. Pet owners also need cover against their dog biting somebody. Pet insurance companies provide this service, giving you peace of mind.

Free pet insurance policies are not available. You must pay a private provider for cover. When you make an application for money, you may have to pay an excess. Some pet insurers offer a discount. Check the terms in your policy booklet.

Cover levels vary by policy and provider. Cheap pet insurance starts between €110 and €140 per annum per dog. Before Brexit, premium plans were around €225 to €275 per annum per dog. You’ll pay more if your pooch has a pre-existing condition or you have a puppy. Accident-only insurance plans generally cost the least.

Pet insurance Ireland relates to the type of animal you own. In general, you pay €201 per year or €16.75 per month to insure a pet. Pet insurance quotes, however, can vary. If your pet is sick, has pre-existing conditions or illness, and needs treatment, you will pay more. Under some circumstances, you may qualify for a discount.

Please note that most policies have a vet fee limit. Thus, you are liable for any veterinary expenses over this cap.

There is also a cap on third-party liability. Again, you must pay any veterinary bills above this cap.

Puppy and dog insurance works similarly to other types of pet insurance. You pay a monthly premium or annual fee and get vet cover for your pet in return.

Most dog insurance policies, like Petplan, reimburse vet fees after the fact. If your dog gets sick or has an accident, you pay the vet out of pocket. Then you make a request to recoup the expense.

Some dog insurance policies have a lifetime cover. Here your animal remains insured beyond the initial policy year for a specific condition.

The average cost of pet cat insurance is €200 in a low-risk area. Prices are lower when your cat is young. The typical cat does not begin to experience health problems until they are ten or older. Prices are higher for pre-existing conditions.

Felines tend to be less dangerous than hounds. For this reason, pet cat insurance liability costs are lower.

Pet insurance is vital as pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary care if your pet becomes ill or injured. Some plans also provide reimbursement for other procedures such as vaccinations, heartworm testing and spaying/neutering. It is extremely important for you to obtain the cover that best suits your pet’s needs, in order to be confident that in the event of an accident or illness, it will be covered by your plan.

The cover you choose on your new policy relates to your needs. Most policyholders benefit from policies that pay vet fees. Some insurance plans, however, add extras.

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