123 Insurance

123 Insurance

Insurance in Ireland is an essential thing to have even if you never use it and regardless of your age. Working with a dependable insurance broker can give you, as the customer, the confidence and peace of mind that you are adequately covered when you need to make a claim.

As insurance is so important, everyone should look for an Irish insurance company and set up an account with them. Motor insurance for young drivers is vital not just to protect them, but also for the parent to feel confident whether their child has been driving for a week, but it is not only motor coverage that is useful. If you are an Irish customer, you should apply for insurance to protect yourself from encountering financial problems.

There are many categories of insurance that you can apply for to guarantee protection wherever you are, whether in Ireland or stuck overseas due to lockdown measures. The most popular types of insurance are car insurance and travel insurance, which provide coverage on the road and abroad. Insurance companies understand the types of problems that a consumer might encounter, and they want to deliver the best policies to put your mind at ease. A customer can select annual coverage and pay monthly, but they may only need insurance for a few weeks, especially when travelling.

There is a wide range of dependable insurance providers in Ireland that are dedicated to helping the customer receive the best quotes and coverage. An Irish insurer, such as established businesses like RSA or Insurance 123, understand what their customers in Ireland require when it comes to getting the best coverage without paying a premium price. Regardless of your Irish insurer, 123, RSA, another company or through your bank, you can expect to work with an employee who will understand your financial expectations and help you achieve the best result.

In some cases, one company may offer a discount. This usually happens when a driver or individual has not claimed with an insurer in the past. However, if your broker responsible for sales and finance finds that you have made significant claims previously, it is likely your insurance costs will increase. This is because the insurance company may consider you at-risk and allows them to make a profit. If you do not need to claim the duration of your policy, it may also be possible to request a refund on your insurance, but this will be at the discretion of the policymaker.

Claiming your insurance with 123.ie is easy. They make the claims process as simple as possible to ensure confidence regardless of the nature of your claim. 123 Insurance prides itself on removing the stress out of making insurance claims, whether for travel, home or your car. You can make your insurance claim by visiting their website and selecting Start My Quote, or you can give them a call on 01 518 1434 to get started.

123 Insurance is one of the most straightforward and reliable insurance companies in Ireland. They strive to provide better service, better value and a better experience for clients to help with a range of insurance policies. Its reviews boast at least an 89% approval rating across the board, thanks to friendly and professional agents, while the easy-to-navigate website takes the hassle out of making a claim. It is also open on Saturdays and offers a 24-hour claims service so you can get in touch whenever you need.

Based in Dublin, 123 Insurance provides coverage for a variety of issues, that doesn’t just focus on the most catastrophic disasters. Aside from motor accidents, flooded kitchens or burst pipes, they will attend you whether you are at home or lost in the hills with a dead car battery. They boast a team of vibrant and diligent agents that are resourceful, friendly and innovative to take the headaches away from making a claim. With a motto like ‘Give better a try’, you can trust them to challenge themselves with every claim and provide the top-quality service you deserve.

Online insurance quotes are a very safe way to get an idea of what you are entitled to when you need to make a claim provided you supply as much information about yourself and the situation surrounding the claim as you can. The more information you provide, especially sensitive information, the more detailed and accurate your quote will be.