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There are all kinds of different car insurance options for you to consider. You can get options that cover everything from the cost of damage sustained to the car by other people to the cost of damage to the car caused by fire.

  • Vehicle Fire

    Vehicle Fire

  • Car Flooding

    Car Flooding

  • Road Accident

    Road Accident

  • Car Crash

    Car Crash

About Car Insurances In Ireland

Car insurance is a contract between the motorist and the insurance company. It protects you against financial loss for an accident, fire or theft, whether it is your first car or one you’ve been driving for years.

Getting discount cheap cover for your car is easy. Here’s what to do:

Use comparison websites. With price comparison websites, finding the cheapest insurance is easy. Just hop online, enter your details, and get a free quote. The comparison site lists them in order of expense, saving you time. Young drivers will pay more.

Choose cars with anti-theft technology. - Cars with alarms and immobilisers are cheaper to insure.

Drive a smaller, cheaper car. - Small-engined cars come at an insurance discount. Other cars cost more. Young drivers can benefit from choosing smaller engines.

Be a safer driver. - Having a penalty points-free full license lowers your outgoings. (Note: young driver insurance policy bills are always higher because of lower driver experience).

Pay upfront. – Paying upfront allows you to avoid costlier monthly premiums.

Use telematics. – Getting your vehicle tracked while driving can help lower your bills. .

Getting insured in Ireland works similarly to elsewhere. You pay a regular fee and, in exchange, the insurer will underwrite you. Just like home insurance and van insurance, the payout you get depends on the terms of the insurance policy contract. The excess is the amount you pay upfront in the event of a crash. The money you receive pays the costs of the third party if the accident is your fault. Young drivers will pay more.

Irish car insurance companies assess most policies individually. How much you pay depends on personal characteristics. Some drivers can get a discount, but not all.

The first year is usually the most expensive. Young drivers car insurance is costlier.

The driving underwriters in Ireland are:

  • 123
  • Quoteme
  • Cover in a Click
  • AIG Ireland
  • Liberty Insurance
  • Creane & Creane Insurance
  • Brian J Pierce Ltd
  • Goggin Insurances
  • Munstergroup Insurance
  • Blue Insurance
  • KennCo Insurance
  • Sheridan Insurances
  • AXA Insurance
  • Aviva Insurance Ireland Ltd
  • FBD
  • Martin Insurance
  • Whoops
  • Zurich Insurance
  • First Ireland
  • Chill Insurance

Many of these also provide home insurance and breakdown assistance.

Like travel insurance, choosing a car insurer is a very personal choice. Always get insured with a product that matches your needs. Some firms sell young drivers car insurance, but not all.

To find out which offer the best packages, Enter in Touch With Us. We partner with leading Irish car insurance providers, showing you the top deals. We show you the fees, third party deals, and excess you will pay.

Finding great value driving insurance can be challenging. As ever, the right policy is the one that meets your needs. Some people need comprehensive cover. Other people just require third-party, fire and theft cover.

Always provide your insurer with as much information as possible. The more they know, the more they can help you. Using a broker can help.

You can also Enter in Touch With Us. We find the best car insurance policy for you, even young drivers. We link with top firms to find quality plans and cut your bills.

Your car insurance policy could fall into one of these categories:

Types of cover:

  • Third party car insurance - Protects you against liability if you injure a third party. It also protects against damage to other cars.
  • Third party fire and theft - Provides third party cover together plus cover for fire and if somebody steals your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive car insurance – A comprehensive policy provides the policyholder with all the cover of the above plus accidental damage. Some policies insist on using an approved repairer. Your car insurance policy may also payout for personal belongings.
  • Optional extras benefitsEvery individual has unique motoring needs. This fact determines the kind of plan that you choose. Optional extras for customers include:
  • No claims discount and claims bonus protection (claims-free, non-stepback)
  • Windscreen cover
  • Damaged/stolen personal items
  • Emergency/recovery service
  • Rental cars (for use if you breakdown)
  • Breakdown assistance

Yes. Motor insurance is compulsory in Ireland. Drivers must have cover that protects against third party fire, and theft.

Here are some of the factors that increase your Premium:

Inflation. The general rise in price levels caused by Central Bank money printing increases all costs. This includes insurance.

Regulations. The ease of making a personal injury claim is having an effect on premiums. The more drivers who file personal injury suits, the more everyone else must pay. Brexit may also have an effect.

The value of motor vehicles. Higher car prices mean costlier replacement after a crash. Parts, like the windscreen, may also be an added burden.

As a customer, claiming insurance is easy. Just call up your provider and tell them what’s happened. You’ll need certain information, such as your policy number, whether claiming in your own name or that of somebody else.

Tips for filing a claim:

  • Inform your insurance company immediately. Call customer service.
  • Inform the police. Keep the copy of F.I.R. - first information report when you claim on a car.
  • Keep your car customer policy documents, engine number, and chassis number while driving
  • Keep your km reading of the car.
  • Remember with step back, you may lose your no-claims discount or claims bonus if you make a claim.

Unfortunately, you cannot get free car insurance in Ireland. It is a cost you must accept when driving on public roads.

You must be 17 to get motor vehicle insurance on public roads in Ireland. Learner drivers can apply for insurance on a provisional license. First time drivers typically pay more. Acceptance criteria may vary.

Customers and young drivers can compare deals online. lets you find your minimum premium and excess. It provides all the information you need, including claims discounts and claims bonus for your car.

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