Allianz Ireland

Allianz Ireland

Allianz Ireland is part of the Allianz group that covers many different areas of insurance. As one of the leading insurance companies in the world, they’re a company you can definitely trust when it comes to your insurance needs. Founded in Berlin, Germany, Allianz SE, and the subsequent strands it regulates, have amassed millions of customers since its inception and is continuing to grow with new policies each year. As of the present day, Allianz Group has eighty-five million customers on board - half a million of those are customers in the Republic Of Ireland, various European countries, and the rest of the world.

Their pull is such that they’ve managed to become more than just a household name that people recognise around the world. They operate in over seventy countries and will push that number higher year on year as things stand. They are a huge brand, so much so that their name is plastered as a sponsor over many different venues and arenas across Europe and beyond. For instance, Saracens RFC play their games at the Allianz Arena. It’s not just the Saracens, however, as soccer giants Bayern Munich also perform at an arena with that namesake.

In terms of what they offer their customers, the wide range means they’ll likely have whatever you need. They offer car insurance, Allianz home insurance, and travel insurance as you’d expect from most companies at this standard. They also have boat, pet, and business insurance for those looking for a more specific policy. Allianz is also able to offer insurance policies for schools. For instance, personal pupil accidents and general school insurance information are part of their repertoire.

When it comes to their ability to work with you, they’re pretty much second to none in terms of handing out what’s necessary and providing the right service. Global Review ranks Allianz as the best online experience for car insurance in Ireland. As they’ve been in operation for over a century - and have been at this high-level for decades – it’s safe to say that Allianz Plc knows what they’re doing and are run properly.

The way they operate is very simple for the Irish and beyond, fortunately. You can, of course, phone them up and discuss certain things like payment, but getting a quote can be done in a matter of moments through MyAllianz on their website. Just choose the market you wish for, select ‘get quote,’ fill out your details, and you’re pretty much done! From then on, you’ll be able to elect how to proceed.

You have many different options to choose from in this regard. Third party insurance is, of course, the standard minimum premium to pay for any policyholder, but they also have windscreen cover, and a mix of other cars and motor options to choose from. The goal is long-term protection for the finances of the policyholders, so Allianz Global will ensure all the information and details in the policy documents are correct.

They also provide taxi insurance for motor insurance customers looking to build a business out of their vehicle and are in need of comprehensive cover. Investing in this insurer is likely to be real financial protection in this regard.

Allianz travel insurance with Allianz Global Assistance is dependent upon a few things. The pricing will be changed based on the type of policy you choose, the duration of your trip, your age, destination and the number of people travelling. All of these factors come together to create your specific quote.

Again, it all depends on information like the age of the customer, the pets they’re insuring, if the pets have been microchipped, etc. Allianz Ireland has many different pet insurance products for you to choose from. They’ll offer a wide range of circumstances at competitive prices. For instance, they’ll pay out veterinary fees for injury and illness up to four-thousand euros. Third party liability and legal costs up to two-hundred and fifty euros, too. Deaths from illness and injury will be paid out up to one-thousand euros, too.

A typical Allianz claim will take around 48 hours to process. You will probably receive the outcome of the claim in ten to fourteen days, depending on how you detailed everything when you initially became insured.

Allianz international health insurance costs, again, depend on certain questions that will be presented towards you. In order to gain the right kind of personal accident and general health insurance, Allianz needs to know exactly the kind of cover you need. Other questions include the likes of: How long do you require cover for? How old are you? Where are you from? These all matter when something like health insurance comes along. There are a few other Allianz Care questions added to the ones we’ve listed thus far, too.

If you’re hoping to get in touch with Allianz about anything, then their details will be displayed on their website for you to follow. They’ll, of course, have different numbers for the different branches over the world, so you’ll need to find out which branch you’re looking for. You can contact Allianz Ireland on 01 448 4848 between the hours of 9am and 5pm if you have any questions. Their email and social media platforms will also be on show for you if you head onto their site.

If you wish to know the location of Allianz Ireland, then the registered office is based in Allianz House Elmpark, Merrion Road, Dublin.

If you’re looking for something specific such as their vehicle or car insurance line, then you can find the correct number online based on the country you’re based in. Again, the contact details will be readily available for you to view on the Allianz website. The contact number for Allianz Ireland is 01 448 4848.