LFBD insurance are part of FBD Holdings and has been a provider of business and farm insurance in Ireland for over 50 years. It has grown and headquartered as being one of the only Irish owned insurance providers with over 500,000 Irish customers and clients that are happy and content with the insurance that is provided. They have been protecting consumers farmers and business owners for many years now, and pride themselves in the policies that they provide which include, car and van insurance, travel insurance, home, life insurance, farm insurance and things to do with agriculture, farmers liability and association and business insurance policies. There are savings to be made as well as working through any restriction that will need to be put in place.

They have local offices in Ireland as well as a central hub that can help you to discuss all of your insurance needs. Some local sales offices can offer face to face support. For some small businesses or farmers who may need to explain or provide more specific details, discussing your requirements over the phone may be more beneficial to you. Home insurance and car insurance can also be done in this way, but some customers may find it easier to share the information online instead. Farm insurance and business insurance can also be done in this way if you prefer.

FBD insurance PLC is a nationwide insurance Ireland provider and has been able to continue to help and as a company provide insurance during the covid-19 pandemic and continue to provide a strong presence to help their customers through this challenging time. As part of the Irish stock exchange they understand that coronavirus may have affected many of their customers in different ways.

The answer is yes. FBD is a strong company and contender when it comes to providing travel insurance and you could make some great savings. There are two different types of policies that customers can take advantage of. You can choose to have an annual policy that will cover multiple trips, or you can choose to insure the one holiday for a one off cost. They are also providing a staggering 20% off travel insurance policies at the moment, so there really is no better time than to enjoy a great discount and premium price. There are also gift card incentives highlighted on the website.

When it comes to travel insurance there are a few factors that FBD needs to consider. Personally they will require to know some of the following information:

  • Age
  • Where you live
  • Where you are travelling to
  • Duration of your trip
  • Whether you are taking any other specific luggage such as skis, golf clubs, for example.
  • How you booked the trip and what you paid for it
  • Any health concerns or long term medical history that needed to be shared.
  • Specifically about the holiday if it is just a one-off policy.
  • They may need to know regarding the areas in which you plan to visit when it comes to annual policy’s, such as European cover, or worldwide.

They can also offer family travel insurance which may be a more suitable option to cover everyone in your party. It can then help to provide assurance that should any health concerns be raised that your children can also be protected under the same policy.

Travel insurance doesn't just cover things such as your health and wellbeing while you are abroad, you can also claim for things like cancellations, lost luggage and damage to items while you're away. There will be an excess and this will vary depending on the type of claim that you are planning to make.

The answer is yes you can and it is easier than you think to be able to obtain an insurance quote. They are a company that believes customer service is important. Whether you want a travel insurance quotation, life insurance, car and home insurance or even farming or business related policies, entering the details on the easy to use questionnaire online will help you to obtain the right premium for the policy that you want and need. A lot of the process can be handled online, and you can retrieve quotes through the online system if you are wanting and needing to come up with some costs and bluebell comparisons. The details may have to go to the underwriting team for review, but this can often be resolved quickly. Once you have our quote you can proceed to make payment by either paying it off as an annual policy in one go, or choosing to pay for it monthly via direct debit. For some policies and information, such as a single trip holiday insurance, you will have no option of paying monthly and the full cost will need to be collected.

FBD insurance is a great Irish insurance provider and insurance company floated that can cover you in many different eventualities and can even provide pensions information. You could even benefit from a One4all Gift card when you sign up. They have excellent ratings online and customer testimonials that will help you to feel assured that they are the right choice for you personally and for your business. So if you need a rebate or refund, or just want to talk about all of corporate needs then get in touch with this insurance company today.