VHI - Life Insurance

VHI - Life Insurance

Health isn’t the only aspect of life in Ireland covered by Vhi private healthcare insurance. Vhi healthcare insurers also handles: travel, dental, life insurance, and more. Dermot McGuire is the General Manager and we are located at IDA Business Park, Donegal, with premises in Purcellsinch, Kilkenny and Dublin. Vhi Healthcare DAC and Vhi International operate in the same industry as Aviva and Bupa. 

Making a claim has never been easier or more swift with our dedicated online services. If you need to make a claim for publicPlus day-to-day medical expenses, out-patient operations, or emergency travel cover, you can benefit from our online system that makes things easy, efficient, and stress-free. 

When you go to our insurer website select the category in which you wish to make a claim. You will be given all the information you will need to begin the process including access to any forms you might need. It’s important you fill out the forms, answering questions as accurately as you can and submit them in order for Vhi private healthcare insurance  to make an assessment about the eligibility of your claim. 

Please take care when filling in your forms to ensure accuracy as this can affect the time it takes to process a claim. If all is in order you can expect to hear back from Vhi healthcare shortly, in some cases within 24 hours. If you have any further questions you can contact us through the website. 

Benefit from the process of claiming back your everyday medical expenses with Vhi private health insurance. It is simple, straightforward and designed to make your life easier. Using Snap and Send claiming you can now take a quick picture of your everyday medical receipts and send them to us for processing. 

The first step is to log in to your myVhi account on any device. If you haven’t used it before you will need to enter snap and send, create an account, and enter your bank details. You can then make your first claim in three easy steps. 

First snap a picture of your receipt, then add some brief details such as the date of treatment. When you are happy with everything hit submit. A Vhi employee will then receive the claim and process any money you are owed. You will receive the money to your bank account within ten working days. 

Protect yourself against unforeseen medical expenses and pre-existing conditions in Dublin 1, Ireland, and the rising costs of hospital care, including in-patient care, with Healthcare Excess. These plans cover a range of circumstances from hospital accommodation, diagnosis, tests, as well as everyday medical expenses such as GP and consultant visits. 

For example, a single adult aged between 26 and 34 might receive cover for €160 per month. This would cover a person for any unforeseen medical costs up to the value of €3,200. Further benefits include cover for expenses relating to maternity care, fertility care, and cardiac care. 

When your medical expenses exceed €100, the policy excess, your money will be paid to you in full, no questions asked. 

If you’re interested in travel cover for trips outside Ireland, there’s no need to shop around elsewhere, you can also benefit from Vhi healthcare; your reliable health insurance provider in partnership with Glohealth and Laya.

Vhi travel insurance covers you for almost every eventuality: medical emergencies abroad, personal liability, personal accidents, lost luggage, lost passports, to name a few. You can be covered up to €65,000 with Vhi travel insurance but that’s not all. 

If you have a travel insurance policy with Vhi you can add multiTrip travel insurance onto your existing policy allowing you to add many extra features to your policy such as cover for winter sports, golfing, visiting an abbey, or European breakdown cover. 

If you’re in the market for regulated health insurance, or even if you’re not, Vhi has some excellent, competitive plans available today. Check the website or contact us by telephone to find out how we can improve your wellbeing and keep you safe from outbreaks like Coronavirus. 

The important thing is to find a plan that fits your needs precisely and doesn’t waste resources on unnecessary items. Take a few minutes to fill in some personal details on the Vhi website, tell us about what kind of care and cover you’re looking for and we’ll arrange a quote for a plan neatly tailored to your requirements. 

Some excellent plans available at the minute include deals for children on selected plans. One plan family is offering €249 per child or €235 per child on the One Plus Plan. The cheapest child rate is on the public hospital plan, called Public Plus Care Scheme: €134 per child. Adult rates are available. There are also plans for emergencies like Covid-19, and various options for those with disabled adult children (DAC). If you need help with panic and anxiety symptoms D02 drugs are available, as are healthPlus supplements and fertility options. 

Company plans are also great value for money. Check our website for more information on health insurers and corporate plans and how you can benefit from them, including stays at a public hospital or private hospital.

If you are a Vhi customer in need of a doctor the Vhi or Laya healthcare insurance cover can avail you with one online, available through the Vhi app or at a swiftcare clinic. On a full cover policy you would be eligible for up to 6 visits with a online medical consultant. If your base medical expenses were to go beyond the excess on your policy, usually priced around €250, Vhi healthcare would pay out up to €1500, taking the financial pressure off your shoulders if you need to go to a private hospital, or deal with any troubling medical situation. Booking one is simple. 

Valued VHI Healthcare Members, who have been with Vhi healthcare solutions for many years might well have a backlog of claims built up over years, maybe you’re a semi-private customer who has forgotten about historic claims for small prices. Or maybe you didn’t pay much attention to the receipt for a prescription or screening you had because you were an outpatient. 

If you're a Vhi premium healthcare customer, you can still claim back up to four years of medical expenses. The most efficient way is to use our online snap and send programme that gets your medical receipts in for processing as quickly as possible. If you’re not tech-savvy you can however still use a trusted paper form and send it to Vhi’s address. Although it might take a bit longer to process you can be assured that your claim will be handled and your  money returned in exactly the same way as the online method. 

There is never a convenient time to have dental work done, and it often comes at an eye-opening cost as well. With Irish Vhi dental payments cover you won’t be caught-on-the-hop whatever your treatment needs are or health insurance plans. And it’s not only for emergencies. A Vhi dental policy will cover you for direct routine costs, checkups, exams, cleaning, queries and more. As a member all those dental costs that begin to increase periodically and unexpectedly are taken care of.

Vhi premium healthcare programme has announced day-to-day cover for basic treatments, fillings and extractions, major treatments, crowns and root canals, emergency cover, and orthodontic care. That’s not all, there is a range of discounts available for supplementary treatments such as teeth whitening, kids check-ups, sports guards, braces, and night guards. 

It’s commonly assumed that direct tax relief cannot be claimed on medical insurance. But this view is inaccurate and regulated by the central bank. 

If you are a private medical insurance policyholder with Vhi health insurance company, you are entitled to claim 20% in tax assistance on your policy excess. Don’t be left short changed by a medical procedure and access your 20% at the end of the tax year in accordance with the rules of the health insurance authority (HIA).

However, don’t forget to keep your receipts as proof of payment in case the Irish Revenue Centre decides to phone you, or call in at your address.