AIG Car Insurance

AIG Car Insurance

When it comes to choosing insurance, it pays to shop around. Circumstances can change, you can have another year of not making a claim, or you may have had to make a claim with your insurer. There are a number of individual factors that will change the premium of your insurance each year, either making the price go up, or giving you a discount, making the price go down. The kind of cover that you will need from your insurer can change too. If you’re in Ireland, we are the go-to company to help you to get the best insurance policy, for the level of cover that you need. Because you can compare one insurance company against another, you can see exactly what the premium will cover. Whether you are looking for a renewal on your insurance, or finding a new policy, come to us for a seamless experience, and see what we can offer.

One insurance company client that we work with is AIG (American International Group) who offer a range of great value insurance in Ireland. From car insurance and home insurance, to travel insurance and life insurance, AIG Ireland has got your covered. Find out more about the American International Group in Ireland and about their policies and premiums.

If you already have a customer with AIG Ireland and are ready to renew after a year, then you can renew your car, home, and car hire excess insurance policies easily online. The policyholder will get a renewal notice several weeks before your renewal date, with an updated policy and premium price. Then you can go online and log in to get started.

AIG Ireland wants to help you to be able to finalise any claims as quickly as possible. This is the case whether you are an AIG Insurance customer or a Third Party using their services. Claims processes can be complicated, but if you provide all of the information or documentation that is needed, it can help to speed up the claims process. The team at AIG will be in touch regularly, to update you on what is happening with the claim, and if any other information is needed. Each claim for different types of insurance will be different, so it is worth checking their website to see how to make a claim and to find the relevant claim form.

AIG Ireland offers two lines of health insurance: supplemental health and essential health. Supplemental health is cover for any potential health risks that haven’t been included in a health insurance policy, for example, cancer or an NCD. Essential health insurance is to cover costs like medical bills, with the help of getting a voucher for private doctor visits, hospital stays and any emergency treatment, for example, after an accident playing Camogie. The kind of insurance you can get will depend on how much risk there is to your health.

Yes! AIG Ireland does have car insurance with a minimum premium starting from €330. The range of car insurance comes with a number of benefits. As standard, AIG car insurance comes with breakdown assistance as standard, including help with petrol if you misfuel. You will also get protection for your windscreen, possessions, and automatic third party insurance cover to be a driver in someone else’s car. You can get an online discount for the policyholder having an additional driver, as well as getting a no claims discount for six years or more of no claims on your car insurance. You can add on extras for driving to Europe, and can even get discounts on your home insurance if you are an existing customer and have a car policy with them for at least a year.

AIG also offers insurance for anyone new to driving, called AIG BoxClever, so they could be worth looking at on our site, for a car insurance quote.

The reviews of AIG Ireland car insurance are mixed, however this does vary from country to country. For the Irish, according to sites like Feefo, it is a top insurer for your car with a score of 4.4 out of 5, beating RSA. AIG motor insurance plans are also somewhat inflexible, as there isn’t a way to extensively customize your options. You can alter your excess, though, to help to get a cheap car insurance quote, depending on your financial situation. AIG as a company, does offer a well-rounded package of features, though, and things like a claims bonus. So you will need to decide if they are the car insurance provider for you.

If you are looking for a car insurance Ireland company to insure you for driving, then you can go to AIG directly to get a quote. You can also use our site, as it helps to allow you to compare one broker to another broker, with what they provide, alongside the costs, what guaranty is on offer, and excess.

The American International Group or AIG Europe Limited for Ireland, is a multinational finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than eighty countries and jurisdictions. As of 1st January 1 2019, AIG had over 49,600 current employees as part of the team. The company operates with general Insurance, life insurance, retirement, and a technology-enabled subsidiary. Standout performance from the team for a number of years, strong financial ratings and reputation make AIG one of the largest financial services companies in the world.

AIG is also one of the largest underwriters of commercial organisations and industrial insurance. AIG is authorised and licenced by the Prudential Regulation Authority and also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. AIG is a sponsor of sports in Ireland, sponsoring the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, the Golfing Union of Ireland, and the Irish Ladies Golfing Union.

AIG car insurance covers a number of things, depending which level of cover you choose. Third party, fire, and theft covers damage to other people's cars or property, as well as fire and theft protection for your car. Comprehensive cover will protect against damage to your car, as well as other people's cars and property. Insurance for Under 27s, AIG BoxClever, enables people to save more through Telematics Insurance.