Chill Insurance

Chill Insurance

Chill insurance is an independent online insurance broker that will provide you with many different insurance products and options for you to consider. The beauty of chill insurance is that they are a great industry leading solely based online insurance broker, making it a quick and simple process for their customers and clients to find the right insurance cover they need at the right time. Enabling you to feel assured with your quote. They are a brokerage that will protect their customers.

Chill insurance is a broker and a team that will look at the best possible deals across 14 insurance providers in Ireland. Helping you to secure the best possible deals for your insurance needs. They find cover for home, car and motor policies, life cover, business insurance, van insurance, travel policies, and gadget insurance. They can even provide great quote information on car hire and airport transfers.

During the civic-19 pandemic, Chill Insurance have still been able to operate, In fact, many customers have preferred the online system as when stuck in lockdown, they have still been able to protect themselves with the right policies that they need. Whether it was van insurance through to business enquiries, Chill Insurance has you covered. Chill insurance understands that Coronavirus and Covid-19 has affected their customers in many different ways. Making sure their customer service is a priority.

Yes, Chill insurance are Irish brokers in Ireland and they have been part of Brokers Ireland since 2007. Chill insurance is regulated and they are able to quote for insurance. They check out the best deals across 14 different insurance company providers to ensure that you can get not only the best price, but also the best cover for you that will include everything that you need. Whether this is travel, home insurance, car insurance, things to do with your van, and life insurance, to name a few, Chill Insurance scours the Internet for the best deals from 14 reputable insurance providers, ensuring that you get the best possible deal. It takes away any hassle and time consuming searching that you may do yourself.

They also cover things such as car insurance, this might be fire and theft cover, third party fire, accidental damage, to make sure your car is covered. They will also look at employee information, and make sure what they are advertising is correct at time of publication. They can take into account any claims discount you may have as well when looking at the quote for you. They will check different insurers and may need some information from your license as well in order to give you the best possible price. This might be for the year or monthly.

When it comes to travel insurance there are a few factors that Chill insurance needs to consider. Personally they will require to know some of the following information:

  • Age
  • Where you live
  • Where you are travelling to
  • Duration of your trip
  • Whether you are taking any other specific luggage such as skis, golf clubs, for example.
  • How you booked the trip and what you paid for it
  • Any health concerns or long term medical history that needed to be shared.
  • Specifically about the holiday if it is just a one-off policy.
  • They may need to know regarding the areas in which you plan to visit when it comes to annual policy’s, such as European cover, or worldwide.

They can also offer a quote family travel insurance which may be a more suitable option to cover everyone in your party. It can then help to provide assurance that should any health concerns be raised that your children can also be protected under the same policy.

Travel insurance doesn't just cover things such as your health and wellbeing while you are abroad, you can also claim for things like cancellations, lost luggage and damage to items while you're away. There will be an excess and this will vary depending on the type of claim that you are planning to make.

If you are looking for an Irish insurance provider in Ireland that is solely online then Chill insurance can be the best option for you to consider. You can contact them via their online website. You can receive quotes and retrieve information by logging into the online system, and they also have a frequently asked questions section that should be able to cover any questions that you may have. If your enquiry is not covered online, then you can send them a message directly. They also have an online instant chat system that will be able to give you information on request, so it could be a simple and easy way to operate. They can also give you an update on things such as claims or whether the quotes are with the underwriters where an underwriting process will need to take place before any information is provided. They have an extensive privacy policy which makes sure their customers are covered.

Chill insurance could be your one stop shop when it comes to providing you with your insurance and the needs in which you may need cover. Whether it is van or travel insurance, business needs or your home, It can give you peace of mind that you are getting a cheap deal and the right cover for all of your insurance needs.