Liberty Insurance Ireland

In Ireland, Liberty Insurance has offices in both Cavan and Dublin. That means that despite the fact that the company operates on a global level, a local service can be offered. This is something that any customers find important when deciding which insurance company to opt for. It’s part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, which is a company that operates in 900 offices around the world. It has $124.3 billion in consolidated assets, as well as $39.6 billion of annual revenue. Those figures give you an idea of the business’s size and scope.

That company has been around for more than 100 years since it was originally founded in Boston. Car insurance is one of the main types of cover that is offered to customers. You can get car insurance free for two months when you take out a policy. You can buy online and get the best quotes the business has to offer that way. And when the process is done, you can get named driver discounts, among other perks and benefits designed to attract customers. For example, windscreen cover means that you won’t have to worry about cracks and chips because they’ll be fixed quickly.

There are other vehicles that can be covered with the help of Liberty Insurance cover too. Van insurance has lots of perks attached to it as well. You can drive in any other EU countries while remaining covered. For small business owners with vans that travel around a lot, that can be useful. And you don’t lose your no claim discount if you make one claim either. As long as you did not file any claims before that, you can keep your discount. Motorcycles can also be covered by the company. You can take a skills assessment and get a discount if you show that you can ride well.

Entire fleets can also be covered. Many businesses in all sorts of industries need this kind of cover in order to stay safe on the roads. There are even options available for special types of vehicle that some businesses might have. For example, diggers and forklifts might need to be covered by businesses. That’s not all that Liberty Insurance can do for business clients either. There are a variety of other business-related insurance policies that can be taken out to add to protections levels.

Businesses can also be helped by some of the travel insurance offers that Aviva has. Business trips should be insured to prevent the business having to sustain an unexpected financial blow. It takes some of the worry out of going on a business try on the other side of the world. There are many other kinds of travel insurance that people can take advantage of too. For example, policies that apply specifically to winter sports holidays are helpful. These kinds of holidays present specific threats and dangers, so it’s important to be covered.

Commercial combined insurance policies from Liberty Insurance are designed to offer flexibility to clients. They can be used by businesses in many different sectors and industries in Ireland. Whether a business is working in the manufacturing sector or the retail sector, it can benefit from the right cover. Commercial liability insurance is also offered. This is designed to help businesses financially if they have to pay compensation to someone who works for or visited their business. For instance, an accident or injury in a business’s office could lead to a successful compensation claim. In a scenario like that, a commercial liability policy would protect the business from the financial impact.