Blue Insurance Ireland

Blue Insurance Ltd has been up and running since 2003, and in that time has grown quickly. It’s an Irish insurance company that was initially set up to cater for people looking for wholesale travel insurance. But since then it has expanded and now offers many different types of insurance to people in Ireland, as well as the UK and Australia. It has roughly 350,000 customers, and the business is aiming to expand further in the years that lie ahead.

Having won many awards, particularly from travel industry bodies, the company must do something right. According to them, they aim to keep things simple and easy for customers. They want to make insurance something that is simple, reliable, trustworthy and affordable. The company also says that it aims to offer fairness and respect to all customers and colleagues. So, what are the specific types of insurance that the company now offers to people?

First of all, there is car insurance. Blue Insurance is the only company in Ireland that offers 2-year car insurance policies to customers. They claim to offer fair prices and high-quality customer service at the same time. They have a call centre that’s based in Ireland, making it simpler to talk to someone when there is a problem with a policy. The company also offers van insurance, which is important for tradespeople and sole traders who rely on their vans to make a living.

As was mentioned above, Blue Insurance started out as a company that dealt with travel insurance. There are a few different options. The annual travel insurance deal is useful for people and families that travel to different countries regularly. They also offer insurance to backpackers, whose needs are often different to those of ordinary tourists. If you take out a travel insurance policy with Blue Insurance, you’ll have accidents, medical bills and lost baggage covered.

The home insurance offered by the company lasts for two years, and prices are kept relatively competitive. You can also get a discount on your home insurance policy if you already hold a car insurance policy with Blue Insurance. Storm and flood cover is included in the policy, which is something not all policies offer. And many people don’t even realise this until it’s too late. On top of this, malicious damage, fire & theft cover and subsidence cover are also included. Accidental damage cover is also offered, which can give homeowner more peace of mind.

Pets are very important to people, and Blue Insurance offer pet insurance policies that cover many things. Vets fees arising as a result of injury, illness or accident are covered. And you can get kennel fees covered when you go away from home and your pet to be cared for. Another thing that you can get covered in the home is your gadgets and technology. These items are expensive, so when they get damaged or stop working randomly, having some cover can be a relief. Even water damage is covered by Blue Insurance.