AXA Insurance Ireland

Although AXA Ireland is one of the oldest insurance companies in Ireland, their approach and policies are up to date. AXA is one of the top 3 insurance groups in the world, offering protection to more than 67 million people and having 175,000 staff.

Different Kinds Of Insurance Offered By AXA Ireland

AXA insurance offer the following different kinds of insurance:

  • Car insurance - getting a car insurance quote online is easy, and you could save 10%. If you find the deal you want online, you can then head into a branch or call up and keep your discount. For safe drivers, AXA offer a 75% no claims discount, which is the highest in Ireland.
  • Home insurance - there are many benefits to getting home insurance with AXA, including a 25% discount when you find a deal online and free emergency home assistance.
  • Van insurance - you can get 30% off your van insurance if your car is also insured with AXA.
  • Motorcycle insurance - The Bikecare plan and the Easirider plan are two packages offered by AXA, who happens to be Ireland’s largest motorcycle insurer.
  • Travel insurance - many people neglect travel insurance by thinking nothing will happen to them on their travels, but you can’t be too careful. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind and can protect you should your holiday get cut short or cancelled. There are a number of policies and features depending on the sort of trip you’re taking.
  • Small business insurance - whether you have a shop, office, or surgery, AXA can protect your small business. Business interruption and natural disasters are covered as standard, but you can add extras, such as employee fraud, too.

Making Claims With AXA

Making a claim with AXA is easy. Here’s the lowdown on a few different types of claims and how you can be sure to get the pay out you’re entitled to.

Car Insurance Claims

AXA pay 96% of car claims without arguing. However, some of these claims do not get a pay out. Some things that can impact your claim negatively include failing to have a roadworthy car, and failure to give all of the relevant facts and information.

Home Insurance Claims

AXA pay 90% of car claims without arguing. However, there’s a reason some of these claims do not get a pay out. This can be due to something becoming damaged due to regular wear and tear, or taking personal possessions out of the home.

AXA’s Help Centre

AXA strives to help all of their customers as much as possible with their help centre. Here you can find FAQs and topics that customer’s commonly require assistance with. With the FAQ page, you can find helpful info on how to make your claim, what to do if your car is stolen, and what exactly is covered in your policy. AXA also has ‘How To’ guides on their site, outlining topics from adding a driver to your policy to renewing your policy online.

You can make an enquiry by calling AXA, using the contact form on their site, or via their social media channels.