Allianz Insurance Ireland

Allianz is an insurance company based in Europe. It also offers other financial services, such as asset management. Since 2014, the company has been the world’s largest insurance company. The company has now been in existence for more than 125 years, but a lot has changed in that time. In Ireland, Allianz has been up and running since 1902, and now operates in all 32 counties. Within Ireland alone, the company has a turnover of more than €450m each year, employing 1450 people in the process.

The company claims to have built its business by offering a simple promise to help policyholders and meet their needs. Therefore, trust between the company and the policyholders is seen as one of the company’s most important aspects. They have professionals who deal with claims quickly in both Belfast and Dublin. The aim is to ensure that policyholders can get answers and see action taken quickly. When they’re going through a financial crisis or experiencing a problem, this is key. This is how they keep customers coming back.

The main focus of the company in Ireland is on insurance policies. And they offer a large range of different kinds of policies that people can take advantage of. Car insurance is one of their most popular forms of insurance, but certainly not the only one. There are many different types of car insurance on offer, from ordinary quotes to taxi insurance. Home insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance are very popular as well. On top of that, there are policies like boat insurance, as well as horse and rider insurance.

For business owners, there are plenty of insurance policy options on offer too. Business liability insurance can be purchased. As can cover for business properties and other business packages. For companies that have fleets of cars that are managed and used regularly, Allianz offers specific insurance deals as well. Business customers make up a significant proportion of the customers that Allianz has. There are also niche industries, such as aviation marine industries, that are covered by the company’s policies.

School insurance is another example of a niche insurance policy type that Allianz offers. This is something that has been on offer in Ireland for a century. When it comes to controlling school finances, it’s important that they are covered in the event of an accident. Things like property damage and personal injuries can all cost a lot to cover if the right insurance policy is not in place. Allianz employs people who are specialised in this area.

The self-service portal offered by Allianz is known as MyAllianz, and it helps to hand control over to customers. This can be hugely important for customer satisfaction. These days, policyholders expect a degree of control and input when it comes to managing their policies. There is also an Allianz Ireland app that can be used by anyone in the country who has a policy with the company. This makes it easier for them to monitor their policies or make changes.