AIG Insurance Ireland

AIG Insurance has been selling insurance policies to citizens, families and businesses in Ireland for 40 years. The company, also known as American International Group, Inc. is one of the most popular insurance companies in the world. Across 160 countries and jurisdictions, it serves tens of millions of customers. Ireland is just one of the places in which it operates. It covers both personal and business insurance needs, making it useful to many different sectors of the community.

The financial strength of the company is something it’s not afraid to boast about. Given how disastrous it can be when an insurance company goes bust, this can help to reassure customers. Affordable rates are often associated with AIG and its insurance policies too. Car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and lifestyle insurance are all covered by AIG in Ireland. The customer is able to tailor their policies to meet their needs.

Out of all the insurance policy types listed above, the one that stands out as slightly unusual is lifestyle insurance. So, what is it and what does it offer to policyholders? There are different levels of cover, but they all apply to the family. For example, a Pupil Protection Policy can be taken out to cover children if they get sick or injured. Another type of lifestyle insurance on offer is cancer cover. This aims to help people with the financial problems that can often arise after a cancer diagnosis. Supporting the family and paying the bills can all be helped with by this kind of cover.

The company also has a broad range of insurance policy options that cover businesses and industries. The variety on offer here is apparent. Global risk solutions are offered to companies that face risks that are not covered by conventional insurers. For example, if there are volatile market conditions, this kind of specialised insurance solution can be the only option. Captive management programmes are also offered to businesses and business owners. This can help when entrepreneurs are unsure about the feasibility or structuring of captives.

There are also lots of insurance products on offer to help with things like mergers and acquisitions. There are all kinds of things that can go wrong when two companies are being merged. And having the right insurance cover in place can be very useful. Things like tax liability insurance can be very useful during a merger or acquisition too. AIG offers all of these types of insurance to business customers across the whole of Ireland.

A wide variety of industries is covered by the insurance policies on offer. One example is the aerospace industry. This is a very particular industries with particular demands and problems. There is a team of people working for AIG in Ireland that work on offering the best insurance solutions for this industry. And there are other industries that can take advantage of specialist policies too, such as energy and construction. Having tailored policies can help customers in particular industries get the best solutions for them.