AA Ireland Insurance

AA is a leading company in Ireland, and one of the things it offers is insurance policies. They focus on offering home, motor and travel insurance to people in Ireland, as well as in other countries. In Ireland, AA employs 480 people, and they claim that the team is still growing. The company has been operating in Ireland since 1910 and is based in Dublin to this day. This legacy and history are the reasons why so many customers choose AA. Once a company has been around for that long, it starts to be seen as part of the furniture.

Of course, cars and vehicles is where the main focus lies for AA. They offer car insurance with a range of perks and benefits. You can opt for a basic car insurance policy. Or you can get some extras by becoming an AA member. As part of the basic package, you get protection for your car in the event of fire or theft. Your windscreen will also have unlimited protection. If you’re over the age of 25, you will also be covered to drive another car. Getting an AA membership does entitle you to more perks and benefits that might be appealing too, though. For example, €750 worth of your personal belongings in the car will be covered too.

On top of the car insurance that the company offers, they offer even more to customers. For example, they make sure that their customers have access to the AA Roadwatch service. This is good because it allows drivers to see what is happening on the roads. By avoiding traffic jams, you can get from A to B much quicker, and maybe even become less likely to get involved in an accident. As well as that, the online RoutePlanner that you can use helps you to find the quickest way to get to where you want to go to. The range of extras and benefits help the company to stand out and attract more customers.

It’s not all about cars, however. AA offers other kinds of insurance to customers as well. Home insurance is another popular policy that the company offers. If the home becomes uninhabitable, you will be provided with another place to stay as part of the policy. On top of that, you will get credit card cover, which is very important these days. Your locks will be changed for you free of charge too because this will be covered by your insurance policy.

Travel insurance can be bought in three different forms. Annual multi-trip cover, single trip and backpackers coverage can all be purchased. If you take out one of these policies and you already have an AA membership, you’ll be entitled to some additional perks. There will be no excess on any claims, and your medical care will be completely unlimited. AA life insurance policies replace the policyholder’s income, as well as paying out a lump sum when they die. They also offer you a second opinion on your diagnosis for free.